Andre Kostelanetz (1901-1980) was a well-known and respected conductor who began his career in Russia and proceeded to conduct the New York Philharmonic and orchestras all over the world.

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Andre Kostelanetz on Records and on the Air -
A Discography and Radio Log

by James H. North

Published by Scarecrow Press, Inc.

A comprehensive discography of the commercial recordings of the Russian/American conductor and radio personality, Andre Kostelanetz. James H. North has collected all his recordings, spanning the range from popular to classical. Organized chronologically by album, North provides the complete details of each recording: composer, song title, timing, date and site of the recording session, producer of that session, and matrix numbers, as well as every American issue of each recording. Several appendixes organize the information alphabetically by composer, song title, and album title, giving references back to the discography by date of recording. Available downloads from the Internet are included in the song title appendix. Two further appendixes deal with Compact Disc issues and with V-Discs, the records created by the United States Army and Navy for worldwide distribution to members of the Armed Forces during World War II.

Initially a request from the Andre Kostelanetz Estate, who has generously supported this work, the discography grew to include a complete coverage of Kostelanetz's appearances on the radio, from the 1920s through 1980 (plus a few on television), as North discovered that Kostelanetz's radio career was as important as his records to music in America. More than 1,000 broadcasts are covered, including both his radio shows and his concert broadcasts with symphony orchestras, and the contents of each program are listed where known. An important extra in the book is a survey of Kostelanetz's career and an evaluation of his achievements, contributed by noted radio historian Dick O'Connor. A foreword by the Archivist and Historian of the New York Philharmonic, Barbara Haws, completes this reference tool, which will be invaluable to the millions of fans who welcome the opportunity to peruse the details of one of the most beloved figures in music.

About The Author - James H. North has been a music critic for 22 years, writing primarily for Fanfare and Classic Record Collector. He is the author of New York Philharmonic: The Authorized Recordings, 1917-2005: A Discography (Scarecrow, 2006) and Boston Symphony Orchestra: An Augmented Discography (Scarecrow, 2008).


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